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The Two Step Process
Life events and how they can affect you!


Burnout affects many people ask yourself the following questions:


Are you bored with your life or job? Do you find yourself wishing it was time to leave, work, but not sure why or what you were going to do when you get home?

Do you ever feel that you're wasting your life, or that you'd rather be doing something else?

Are you concerned with stress management and burnout?

Are you getting a sense of stress at your work place and it's from management?

Do you know what the stress management trends are?

Would you like to know some communication skills during stress management or free stress management activity ideas?

Are you familiar with workplace stress and technology?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you're not alone. Most people reach a point where they are unfulfilled by their work or their life. But, they may not know why they're unhappy or what they can do about it. If this describes you, you may be suffering from burnout.

Burnout is a steady, increasing dissatisfaction with the way things are with your life. It can range from mild boredom to a lack of interest in one's work to severe depression and physical illness.

One business expert claims that 90 percent of Americans hate their jobs. The figure is probably lower among professionals, but a great number of people that I have coached, admitted that they're less than thrilled with what they are doing.

Everyone has his or her ups and downs, and just because you have a rotten day now and then doesn't mean you should quit your job or go to therapy. People who are burnout, however, are unhappy almost all the time.

You can't always tell when you are burnout: in many instances, people who feel unhappy or depressed are not able to pinpoint the reason. But, burnout victims often share common feelings and frames of mind. The following list of symptoms will help you determine if you're a victim of burnout. If you are, it may be time to work with a life coach.

Some symptoms of Burnout


Every now and then we have a day when we feel we'd rather be strolling in the park than stuck with our tasks at hand. That's only natural. But, people experiencing burnout are bored almost all the time. They are turned off by what they are doing and have little enthusiasm in anything.


Stress causes different symptoms in different people: nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, headaches, stomachaches, constipation, and depression. And burnout is a stressful situation: it's not fun having to deal with problematic symptoms. So, if you feel stress and are exhibiting these symptoms, burnout could be a possible cause.  

Time consciousness

Do you find yourself glancing at your watch more than four times an hour? Did you ever think that an hour had gone by, but when you looked at your watch, it had only been five minutes? Does the second hand on the clock seem to move too slowly these days?

When you have burnout you become extremely time conscious: using the progression of time to help you get through the day. People who enjoy their life, on the other hand, find that life is full and the day passes quickly.

Difficulty concentrating

When you enjoy what you're doing, it's easy to tackle life with enthusiasm and vigor. But burnout victims have a hard time applying themselves to the tasks at hand because they find things boring and unfulfilling.

If you find yourself staring at the same piece of paper for hours...or reading the same paragraph over and over...or you constantly feel drained and drowsy during the day...you may be a prime candidate for burnout.

Low self-esteem

According to the American work ethic, you are what you do. So if you don't think much of what you do, you won't think much of yourself.

Burnout victims can get caught in a vicious cycle of self-degradation. Because they're dissatisfied with what they do, they think what they do is a waste of time. And then they feel worthless because they think they are a failure in different aspects of their life.


As your self-esteem sinks lower and lower, you become overly introverted and withdrawn. You don’t socialize or communicate with people because of your feelings of inferiority.

I need a change but what?

Have you ever felt like why even bother? Or maybe there has to be more to life than this. How about I would rather be doing this or that, but, I just don’t know what to do or how to go about it.

These are all symptoms of burnout and they can be dealt with. 

As a Life Coach I work with you to change your burnout to burning up with passion and desire for life. In other words, I help you find your Heart's Desire.

If you feel there is a possibility that you are a victim of burnout, you may call me at 562.305.5705 or send an e-mail to Sandra@HeartsDesireCoaching.com for a 45 minute Free Heart's Desire® Strategy Session.

Career Change Is now the Time?

How do you go about a career change when you thought the career you have now was going to “be the one”? Of course the best answer is to get a Coach but why? What I do as a life coach is help people to understand what they truly want to do with their life.

Change in and of it’s self is scary and hard to do. You finally realize that you are fed up with what you are doing, or being in a company that no longer feels good. The company you thought was going to get you all you wanted out of life. Aha but what you are doing is so familiar and you can do it with your eyes closed, but you don’t want to be there. You do your work well at the present job, and you don’t want to start over. I can go on but you know what your head is telling you and that is why it is so scary and hard to change careers.

The conflict that builds up in your head when you think it is time for a career change can be overwhelming to say the least. Again that is why you need a coach, to help you get really clear on what is best for you. I don’t know how long you have been debating on making a career change but I am sure it has been longer than my Two Step Process usually takes.

How would it feel to be doing what you want with your life? Stop the debates that are going on in your head. To feel good about how you show up in the world. Just think living your Heart's Desire, living life your way. It sounds great doesn’t it! Are you ready to take that step to peace of mind and a life you enjoy? There is one way to find out give me a call 562.305.5705 and lets see if my process is something that can work for you. My Heart's Desire is to have everyone I work with live their Heart's Desire now not some day. So if a career change is something you are thinking about and would like some support in making that move let me know.

Mid Life Crisis

One way to move through the mid life crisis is to sign up for the Heart's Desire two step process. Midlife is a normal developmental life stage. It is essentially positive and has the specific goal of facilitating the process of becoming a "whole" person. Saying it is normal means that it cannot be avoided. Live long enough you will encounter it. As you did not avoid adolescence so you will not avoid midlife. Midlife may be denied but not escaped.

It may be that you did not enjoy adolescence and would not want to return to it. Adolescence was meant to transform you from a child to an adult. It was not meant to be fun. Midlife is also intends to transform you. You may not enjoy midlife. Midlife is trying to take you some place positive. It is trying to guide you to psychological and spiritual wholeness. At midlife you are only half way to that goal. More growth is needed but you may have become comfortably stuck where you are.

Good News and Bad News

The midlife experience provides an opening to psychological and spiritual growth that allows and empowers a giving back to others and the community. This is the good news. The bad news is that you cannot take this journey without a certain amount of suffering. To suffer means to live through or to allow. You must suffer the loss, change, and letting go of much of what you bring into midlife.

The Second Identity Crisis

In life we have two major identity crises. The first, occurring in adolescence, is to establish an identity. You must get a sense of who you are. The second identity crisis is at midlife when you must give up who you think you are so you can become who you were meant to be. This transition is not easy and is greatly resisted. Midlife is ultimately about the search for true meaning in life. Whenever we ask about meaning we have asked a spiritual question. Midlife is an opportunity for an awakening into a deeper spirituality.

Signs of Mid-life Crisis After working with a Coach

A fear of aging                Looks forward to the future

Narrowing of interests        An expanding of interests - a renaissance

Fatigue and depression                 Filled with anticipation

Reactive and responsive         Thinking strategically about the future

Closed withdrawn from others           Open and engaged with people

Security a high value                          Realizes security is a myth

Want to move out of your Mid Life Crisis?

As a Life Coach I will work with you to move from a mid life crisis to having a life you desire. In other words, I help you find your Heart's Desire.

If you feel there is a possibility that you are in a mid life crisis and want to see if you can move to a better place in your life. You may call Sandra at 562.305.5705 or e-mail Sandra@HeartsDesireCoaching.com for a Free Strategy Session. Together we will find out if what I have to offer will be of service to you.

Women in Transition

Am I an expert on woman in transition, probably not but I am definitely experienced. Yes I am a woman in transition, and a woman who has been through transitions, and have worked with woman to make their transitions easier and less painful.

This avenue of life is so important to me because I know how difficult it can be to transition ones life. The fear, confusion and the feeling of being lost can all happen when you are transitioning your life. Who do you turn to? A life coach as myself has the ability to step back and get the big picture. I can help you weed out the areas that are most confusing.

Do you have thoughts that you aren’t sure will go over so well with your husband, family or even your friends. Have desires that just never showed up before and go against all the directions you have been told to go in, by yourself or others. If there is any incline that you want to do something different but aren’t sure how to go about it than give me a call 562.305.5705.

I focus my coaching on helping you move forward. Helping you travel in the direction that you want your life to go. Weather it is scary or exciting for you. Right now is all the time you have, yesterday is gone and if you put your desires off until tomorrow it will be yesterday before you know it.

Are you a women in transition feel free to call Sandra for a 45 minute complimentary Heart's Desire® Strategy Session at 562.305.5705.

Who is Life Coach Sandra

Hi, I'm Sandra Radnovich

As your life coach and using the two step process I will provide self-esteem exercises utilizing humor as a catalyst to transform your life and help you achieve your hearts desire.

I am a retired government worker. I spent eleven years in a job that destroyed my self-esteem and my healthy body twice. It is true I had choices but when you feel beaten down every time you turn around. Because someone doesn’t like you. You didn’t kiss butt the right way. What you had to offer was always wrong. All those things and more can just drive a person to drink or in my case hate myself and eat until I didn’t have to think any more.

In the middle of this government job I became a Life Coach. This gave me a feeling that what I think and know can help other people. I truly love being involved with people who no longer want to stay where they are in their life and want more. Now I have all the time I want to help others live the life they truly want instead of just being secure in the one they have.

My retirement was a forced retirement. I got hurt on the job. Work with my injury for a year and a half. Than one Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. was told they no longer would accommodate my limitations. They took my keys and escorted me out of the building, and no it wasn’t Enron, I didn’t steel top secret documents I just got hurt on the job and my boss didn’t like me. I really don’t kiss butt; you can ask my clients I tell it how it is in a supportive but honest way. I didn’t get out of my job early enough to keep my soul in tact; I sold my soul to the devil (government) and lost who I am.  This was in 2003, I have my soul back and I am living my Heart's Desire now!

Now that you know who I am, how are you dealing with being in the wrong place for whom you truly are? Have you lost your soul or is there still a flicker of what you want in your life. Either way I have the ability, time and tools to bring you closer to your true purpose in life.

As a result of finding your Hearts Desire, you will have more quality time with family and friends. You will find that your relationships become more open and loving. You will also achieve a greater ability to cope with stress, and enjoy life with peace of mind and a sense of success.


Education and Memberships

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies


*President List
*Graduated Cum Laude

Associate of Arts Degree in Recreation

*Dean's List
*Academic Excellence Award 

Graduate of Coach University

Practitioner of Religious Science (retired)  

Professional Memberships:

*Alpha Gamma Sigma - Honors Society
*Chi Kappa Rho, Women in Leisure Services
*Former President, California State University, Long Beach Recreation Society
*Former Treasurer, California Parks and Recreation Society, District Member IX, X and XIII
*Volunteer at Special Olympics, Torrance, California
*Learning Disabilities Advisory Committee, El Camino College
*Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Board Member
*Chairperson, Senior Health Fair Expo

I have supported my clients over the last fifteen years by providing personal insight and sharing my life experience. My services include my sense of humor in drawing out the best in you, while empowering you to see all of your possibilities. Along the way, I learned to find and live my Heart's Desire®. Now I am sharing those gifts with others so you can have your Heart's Desire®, too.

Some Testimonials from my clients include:

"I can't believe I am getting a $3,000 raise and I haven't even started the job. Working with you has turned my life around. I didn't even have a job when we started and now I have a full time job, I have cut a CD and I am performing." Marcy, Librarian and Singer, Milton, Kentucky

"Sandra helped me untangle the web of confusion I was living with so I could make decisions based on my heart's desire. I was able to determine the direction I wanted to go with regards to my business and the pace of my life." Sheryl, Small Business Owner, Yorba Linda, California.

"Our work together has me thinking about what I really want to be doing and taking some steps toward something that still feels unattainable to me. Roberta, Artist and Screen Play Writer, Apple Valley, California

"You have really given me the kick start I needed". Barbara, Minister and School Administrator, Pasadena, California.

"Who knew this venture would lead to a true Heart's Desire" Kris, Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant, Elburn, Illinois.

"Your Hearts Desire Coaching Program took me from zero clients to 10 clients in 3 months" Stephanie, Culver City, California.

My Commitment as a Life Coach

· I will listen very carefully to what you do say and what you do not say
· I will ask questions until I am certain that you and I understand you
· I will be absolutely truthful with you at all times
· I believe that you can accomplish more than you believe that you can
· I will have high expectations, and will ask you to stretch for them
· I will support you and your decisions, absolutely
· I will challenge you to reach for an even more fulfilling life
· I may sometimes offer suggestions, but I am not a therapist, financial advisor, or business consultant; therefore, all decisions are yours
· Everything we say remains confidential
· You will receive more than is promised

We Will Be Successful:

Because the synergy of you having two brains working for you always increases your effectiveness.

How I Coach My Clients

As your life coach, I will inquire, encourage, advise, challenge, make requests, and listen for your truth so that you remain aligned with who you are, your goals, your values, and your vision. My focus will be completely on you and what you want in life; I stand for you first and foremost, not just your goals. The coaching relationship is designed by both of us, and may be refined through ongoing two-way feedback. Even though I am committed to the journey, you will ultimately be responsible for actions taken (or not taken) in your life throughout the process.

I Expect Your Best

We should only be working together if you are ready to do and be your best. If you are not doing your best, I will ask you to do so. If you cannot be your best at the moment, I will understand and do what I can so that you can be heard, loved, and back on your path.

I Make Specific Requests

From time to time, I will make a direct request, such as "Will you accomplish X by the end of the month?” You may accept the request, counter-offer (e.g.: “I can’t do X, but I can do Y”) or decline (rare). I will always support you, whichever way you respond.

I Give Advice

If I am sure of the situation, and you are open to it, I will make specific suggestions on how to handle a problem or go for an opportunity. If I am not sure, I will say so. Regardless, use the best of what I say and use your own judgment.

I Am Direct

When I hear a funny tone in your voice or notice something amiss, I will ask you about it. Often, it is these small moments that offer the chance to resolve something. However, I will not confront you; I will merely invite you to take a closer look.

I Give Homework

I typically ask you to determine two or three goals or actions to focus on between our calls. If I am pushing you too much, say so. If you want to be pushed harder, just ask.

I’m Here for You

I want to hear it all. If you have a personal problem, are upset with something (even me or the coaching), are just starting to realize something big, or can't wait to share a breakthrough, please call or e-mail me — anytime.

How may I help You?

· Would more clarity and direction in your life be important to you?

· Would living from your values be good for you?

· Would having greater business success be of interest in your life today?

· Would enjoying more rewarding relationships be a desired?

· Find out how to improve your self-esteem in 15 days.

· Personal development in how to set goals, and step by step training instructions on personal growth.

· How to over come techno stress anxiety, anxiety symptoms, and social anxiety disorder.

· Are you looking for self-improvement strength and weakness, or self-improvement, self-image, and a plan of action?

· Are there issues of self-image, or self esteem with your adolescent children?

· Are you looking for information on low self-esteem or seeking treatment for low self-esteem?

Register for a free Personal Consultation

Coaching Sessions are pre-arranged phone appointments and can be done from the convenience and privacy of your home or office.

You may call Sandra at 562.305.5705 or e-mail Sandra@HeartsDesireCoaching.com  to schedule your 45 minute complimentary Heart's Desire® Strategy Session.










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